Friday, 1 June 2012

Upgrading RAM (DELL INSPIRON 1545)

No matter, if this is a Dell inspiron 1545 or any other laptop, in most of cases steps are the same.
However the laptop used for this tutorial is actually the Dell inspiron 1545.

The access to the RAM is from the bottom of the laptop, but before you start...
  • Turn off the system, and unplug AC adapter cable
  • Push the safety button, and pull the battery out.

  • Now you can remove 4 screws, and open the access panel

  • Unlock 2 safety latches, slightly lift the RAM up, and gently pull it out.

  • Procedure of installing RAM is a reverse of previous steps with few little differences.
  • Before you start installing RAM make sure you are doing it right. There is only one way in which RAM can be mounted. To find that out look for little gap between pins and match it with RAM port.

  • Insert the RAM with approximately 30 degree angle fro the bottom surface of the laptop.

  • Now gently press down the RAM, until latches pop in, and make a "click" sound.

  • After you insert RAM and double checked that it is inserted correctly, you can close the access panel and fix it with screws. Now all you have to do is put the battery back, and you can start the system.

Was it that hard?

This guide is also available in a video format.


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