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Parental Control - Keep your children safe!

Are you allowing you kids to use your computer? Yes? Well, are sure that they using the computer safely? Take your kids safety in your hands with Parental Control feature in Windows 7 or any other parental control software of your own choice, to make sure that you kids are safe.

Internet Use

As for today probably the most common reason to use the computer by kids is browsing the internet, playing online games, Facebook, YouTube etc. While using the internet our kids may be exposed to different types of contents that may not necessary be appropriate for kids. For instance websites promoting violence, sexual explicit, racism, or any other harmful content.


Some of you may not even be aware of what sort of the risk for kids internet brings. So here we have some tips to give you brief idea how using computer and internet may be harmful.

Children who use internet without supervision may exposed to contact with people who may want to explicit, abuse or bully them.
They can also access inappropriate for kids content such as violence, racism, sexual explicit or any other harmful content.
Children don’t really know how to use computer safely and where not to go and by their careless they can expose your computer to viruses, malware, hackers etc.
For more go to GetSafeOnline

Time Spend

Many of us don’t realise how much time our kids spend in front of computer on playing games, browsing the internet, social networking etc. But then one day we get a phone call from our child school with a tutor on the line saying that our kids grades has dropped down and then the bell in our head rings, then we start looking for a reasons. Isn’t it a bit late for that? It is never too late! Thanks to Parental control feature in Windows 7 we can take over control and manage when our kids use computer and how much time they spend in front of it.

Restrictions Available

It is always a good idea to restrict access to websites with harmful content such as violence, sexual explicit, racism etc. Unfortunately Windows Parental Control does not block the websites or any internet content, however it will allow you to restrict the hours when your child can use computer and for how long. Also will allow you to choose the games that your child can play and it will restrict access to software that you don’t want you kids to use. The parental control in Windows 7 will not even allowed you kids to install any software without your permission. This will help to keep your kids safe, as well as your computer safe from viruses, malware any other intruders. When your child will try to install any software, then system will ask for administrator password which you can set up  and keep safe from you kids.

For control over internet content that you child can see you need to buy or download any of the free parental control software that allows to block website with harmful content. SafeDNS is an example of free parental control software that allows you to block websites. For best result we highly recommend using Windows7 Parental control in conjunction with some other parental control of your own choice that has ability to block websites.


We also encourage all parents to speak to their children about use of computer and internet. The children should know where not go and what not to do while using computer. Even if you think that you children already know this, speak to them again just to make sure they do. Because we all want our kids to be safe.

Here are also some other examples of parental control software available on market:

Now here we also give you a guide how to enable Parental Control in Windows 7. (Click at the picture to enlarge it)
First of all we suggest protecting your user account with password and creating a separate user account for our child.

Go to Start Menu>>>Control Panel
(Click at the picture to enlarge)

Select “Add or remove user accounts

(Click at the picture to enlarge)

Select “Create a New account” to create new user account for your child.

(Click at the picture to enlarge)


Type in your child name>>>select Standard User >>>click Create Account

(Click at the picture to enlarge)


Now the new user account has been created, click at the account with you child name.

(Click at the picture to enlarge)

From here you can manage your child user account, but as we want just set up parental control for the user then click at Set up Parental Controls

(Click at the picture to enlarge)


Now select the user account with your child name.

(Click at the picture to enlarge)

Now turn the parental control on by selecting On, enforce current settings (Fig.A) Then below you can set up to control Time limits, Games or Allow and block specific programs (Fig.B) At the right (Fig.C) you can see the status of control.

(Click at the picture to enlarge)

If you choose to set up time limits you will see window like the one below where you can choose when and for how long your child can use the computer. If your child will try to log in in other time than allowed the system will not allow for this and if they using computer and the allowed time has ended system will automatically log them off.

(Click at the picture to enlarge)

If you choose to control games as well, then you will see the following window were you can select if you child is allowed to play games, then below if they allowed what is the age rating. So for instance if the game is for 18+ the system will not allow to play it. You can also set up a specific game you want to block.

(Click at the picture to enlarge)

And then finally if you choose to restrict access programs installed on computer you can select them from the list or alternatively browse manually for the software if it is not on the list. Then just click OK and is all done.

(Click at the picture to enlarge)

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